Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Locations

The Pawn Shops charge incrementally exorbitant prices for Zombrex, but there are 5 boxes of Zombrex just waiting to be found around Fortune City.

Free Zombrex Locations:

  1. Royal Flush Plaza – The first box is found as part of your first mission at the Roy’s Mart pharmacy.
  2. Americana Casino – Go to Bennie Jack’s BBQ Shack and climb the stairs to the second floor keeping right. Immediately on your left you can jump onto the light fixtures. Keep jumping across and you’ll get to an area with a cache of goods including some Zombrex.
  3. Slot Ranch Casino – Find the stage and go backstage. As you do you’ll see some boxes/crates immediately ahead of you. Jump on top of them to find a free box of Zombrex for Katey.
  4. Yucatan Casino – Search the casino for the Lucky Marble mini-game and climb on top. You should be able to easily jump to the next free medication.
  5. Underground/Maintenance Area – You will have to head to Maintenance Room 32 underground. Search the area and you’ll be rewarded with yet another free box of Zombrex.

These free caches of medication should allow you to keep Katey and any potential survivors medicated for free without having to line the pockets of the Pawn Shops.

Happy Zombie hunting!